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At UKI, we pride ourselves on carrying out over 1500 individual shipments each day throughout the United Kingdom, catering to a wide range of sizes. Our primary goal is to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods from door to door, utilising a modern fleet of vehicles that includes small vans as well as 44-ton articulated trucks capable of carrying up to 28,000 kilograms.

One of our key strengths lies in our exceptional network of suppliers, which includes some of the largest transportation companies in the UK. This extensive network enables us to provide comprehensive services and reliable solutions to our valued clients.

Our clientele comprises numerous leading manufacturers located throughout the UK. Recognising the importance of timely deliveries, we operate round the clock, seven days a week to meet their needs.

At UKI, we understand the significance of tailoring our services to match the unique requirements of our customers. That's why we offer cost-effective solutions throughout Europe. With our representatives strategically located in France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Benelux, and Eastern Europe, we possess the experience and expertise to ensure direct delivery to your customers' doors.

Our team consists of multilingual staff members who possess extensive knowledge of the movement of goods between all European countries. Additionally, we recognise the potential of the rapidly growing Eastern European market and offer shipping services to countries such as Slovakia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, and Romania.

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