UKI Express

The rapid growth of UKI Express Transport Ltd highlights the success of a business
founded upon a clear vision. In a short space of time, it has become a leading provider
of transport and logistics solutions, capturing the expertise of its vastly experienced
team to offer a multifaceted service across the UK and continental Europe. 

Conceived originally as a freight forwarding agent, its founders Peter and Angela
Gummerson quickly acknowledged a gap in the market for an all-encompassing
logistics solution that incorporated European road transport, air freight and deep
sea operations. 

The Gummersons knew that they could bring their skill at achieving competitive pricing,
service quality and reliability to a wider customer base. This was, in part, the result of
UKI’s belief that good supplier relationships were as important as customer relationships. The 4,000 active suppliers on the system are testament to the value the company places on its suppliers.

Today, UKI carries over 1,500 separate consignments per day throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, all varying in size. These consignments range from packaging, building materials, machinery, hire equipment, recycled products and hundreds of different types of groceries, wines and spirits plus numerous food products.

All of which, are carried door to door safely and efficiently in a modern fleet of vehicles that range from small vans up to 44-tonne articulated vehicles capable of carrying loads in excess of 28,000 kilograms.

In recent years, the business has seen a large growth in client utilisation of the UKI online Web Pricing Portal. This enables the client to simply log on to a web-based system in order to get an immediate price for any logistics movement throughout the world whether it be by road, sea or air. 

The system has proven invaluable for clients who require up-to-date prices, without having to wait. This gives the client confidence his sales price includes transport charges which vary greatly dependant on movement type, vehicle type and consignment size. The portal takes everything into account.

The company’s progress remains strong with its portfolio of clients currently shipping in excess of 190,000 tonnes per year into and around the UK. UKI, to support its clients’ activities, has set up base in an impressive 100,000 square foot site to ensure it can continue to serve this large, and continuously growing, customer base. The location of the new site and the quality of the facility will also help UKI remain competitive, continuing to provide high quality service to new and existing clients throughout the world. 

UKI currently has over 150 vehicles at its disposal, of various vehicle types including 35 Hiabs (which have proven decisive in UKI’s increasing number of blue chip clients operating in the construction sector), 25 low loaders, 30 flat vehicles, 50 tautliner and 15 refrigerated trailers. All of which are operated to the highest standards including a FORS accreditation, which ensures exemplary levels of safety, efficiency and environmental awareness.

“We offer our clients a cost effective solution for all their logistics and warehousing needs,” says Peter Gummerson, Managing Director. This is underpinned by over 100 years of combined experience in the transportation of goods throughout the world. 

“The team at UKI prides itself on its dedication to customer service. We provide a fast, cost effective solution to meet our client’s needs, ensuring delivery on time, every time.”

Indeed, the company’s Skelmersdale location has proven invaluable for importers who are now taking advantage of a £400m investment to create a new deep-water container terminal in Liverpool 2.

This provides a number of key benefits such as the fact 50% of the UK population live closer to the Port of Liverpool than other Ports in the South of England. In addition, goods being stored in the Northwest of England are best placed for next day delivery with the added advantage of late cut off times for client orders. An example of which are orders received by 02:00hrs can be regionally delivered as far as Scotland and London by 06:00hrs, that same morning.

“We have completed our own case studies showing a 15% reduction in logistic and warehousing costs for clients who take advantage of the low running cost’s in the North of England,” adds Peter.

As Peter looks to the future he wants to ensure UKI continues to provide cost effective transport and warehouse solutions while linking clients to the new online portal. This will in turn reduce the processing time of consignments throughout the world and increase productivity of UKI’s own staff. Furthermore, Peter reveals there has been talk of franchise opportunities in the future.