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Air Freight
UKI Express

Airfreight is a specialised business, but it still remains a signicant method of moving consignments around the globe. It takes an experienced team in order to ensure a professional and cost effective service.

With over 165 agents throughout the world we can offer upto date flight information before and during your shipment. All this information is then backed up by documentary evidence including departure and arrival times.

Be sure to call the office for further details.

Sea Freight

UKI is an experienced, reliable and flexible sea freight agent. Our sea cargo services offer a one-stop solution, which involves freight forwarding, storage, cargo handling and final shipment from the sea freight carrier.


Cargo transit times are obviously slower than air freight but cost a fraction of the price.

We ship goods worldwide from any of the major seaports located in the UK, giving you global reach from your doorstep.
We deal with all aspects of documentation for sea freight.

Full container load (FCL) sea freight uses large 20ft or 40ft ocean containers at a flat rate to ship anything from commercial palletised freight to domestic household goods and even vehicles.
Less than container loads (LCL) – we can group and consolidate your smaller shipments into a full container.
LCL shipments can be cheaper and faster as they tap into more flexible sailing schedules, leading to quicker transit times. Some restrictions apply, however, so get in touch for more information.

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